your new voice assistant


say goodbye to digging through dozens of apps. scarlet provides the answers you need to navigate your day.


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scarlet tells you what's important


scarlet has a natural voice. she considers the day ahead, your interests, and things that impact your day, like weather, events in your calendar, and what's happening in the world.

then she weaves it all into a briefing tailored just for you.




scarlet brings together a wide variety of content to suit your needs throughout the day.



start your day on the right foot


as you wake up, she calmly welcomes you into your day. soft music introduces your first personalized briefing, preparing you for the day ahead. scarlet hates noisy alarms and glaring screens as much as you do.

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treat yourself to a break


when you check in with scarlet for an afternoon break or to wind down at night, she'll catch you up on your world and the world around you. she'll keep you on top of things.


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